This course consists of 12 modules, and mainly aims at helping pre-service or in-service English language teachers at primary and secondary schools in Vietnam to use English as a language of communication in the classroom.

Specifically, at the end of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Remember varied English expressions and structures to facilitate their English language teaching, especially in terms of managing the classroom, understanding and communicating lesson content, and providing feedback;
  • Use these expressions and structures accurately, resourcefully and confidently to conduct various classroom activities before, during and after the lesson;
  • Demonstrate their communicative competences in using these structures and expressions in the context of their own English language classroom; and
  • Perform a range of ELT teaching techniques for managing the classroom, giving instructions, facilitating classroom activities, and providing feedback.

To participate in this course, participants should have the English competence of B1-CEFR (or equivalents) and above.